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Personal Training

Even just searching "personal trainers near me" or "personal trainers in Delta" shows a positive step towards changing your health. 

We have a wide range of private clients that have all come us for different reasons:

-maintain health conditions

-heal from an injury

-gain strength

-weight loss

-so much more


We are here to help with a personalized program designed for you and only you.


The Future of Personal Training

We feel that long term personal training has diminishing returns for you, the client. Once you have learned the movements you no longer need 1:1 all the time.

That is why we have taken a different approach to personal training here at OPEX Delta.

Our approach is to build community while keeping the benefits of personal training in our private gym. 

You will be working out in a small group of other members and a floor coach, but with your own individualized program. The small group setting will save you thousands of dollars on gym fees but gives you the personalized program and coaching you need to achieve your goals.

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