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Maedeh Keivani


Mae found her way to coaching through her own experience as an athlete and competitive wushu player. Playing competitive martial arts for almost ten years led her to national and international medals and success. Her own experience of high performance and her growth and empowerment through physical and mental training gave her the courage to explore the science behind human performance. 

She has a bachelor's in Sports Sciences and a Master's in Human Kinetics, specializing in intervention and consultation. She also has a Master's in Motor Control and Motor Behavior, giving her a unique lens to look at how humans move and learn movement patterns.

Through physical and mental training, Mae works with athletes and individuals to become better versions of themselves.

Mae's coaching philosophy is to appreciate and value individual differences and use them as tools to reach personal goals.

She believes fitness is a journey that needs a leader, a map, and good tools to enjoy its wonders, astonishments, surprises, and beauties."

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