Paige Holloway

Paige Holloway

Paige Holloway has a diploma in Kinesiology, a BSc. in Applied Biology for Food & Environment, a Holistic Nutritionist Certification and has been working in the fitness industry since 2007.

Paige has had a life-long love for sport, exercise, and food. Growing up as runner, snowboarder, gymnast, and boxer, she found weight-lifting as a great substitute in her adult years.

Paige is a foodie and one hell of a cook! Her approach with nutrition is to foster a healthy relationship and create community with food, and to help develop an understanding of how foods can be uniquely nourishing to each Individual. 

  • OPEX Assessment
  • OPEX Consultation
  • OPEX Business
  • Diploma in Kinesiology
  • BSc. in Applied Biology for Food & Environment
  • Holistic Nutritionist Certification
  • First Aid and CPR

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