Tuning into Truth
04 May

Tuning into Truth

We believe that; becoming more aware of our strengths and limitations, cultivating patience, and building meaningful relationships are important pieces in “Living a Larger Life”.  Today we are going to address:

becoming more aware of our strengths and limitations

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias that quite simply makes us think that we are better at things then we actually are.

Don’t believe me?  Next time you are out with a large group, ask those that believe they are the worst 50% of drivers in the group to stick up their hand.  Maybe you have really self aware friends, but I’m willing to bet that far less than 50% of them put their hand up.

This cognitive bias can really be quite a nuisance; those that are actually the worst drivers and believe themselves to be “pretty good” are unlikely to take steps to improve their driving.  They are “caught in an inaccurate bubble of self perception.”

It’s not all bad news though (go to 3:18 on video).  When we become aware of our weaknesses, we are more likely to adjust our viewpoint and to learn or work on the things we need to in order to improve.

At OPEX Delta:

  1. We give you important feedback.  We assess and don’t guess, using data to cut to truth.
  2. Have cultivated a community and a service that creates many opportunities for learning.  (Check out our library upstairs!)

When we are in tune with reality and actively learning; we put ourselves into a better position to reach the goals that are most important to us and to live in a way that reflects our values.

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