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At OPEX Delta we create fitness, nourishment and lifestyle programs that are 100% tailored to your values, your priorities and your needs.

You are able to follow your fitness program in a coached community environment located in the heart of Delta.


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OPEX Delta

What is OPEX?

  • On-site Coaching
    Our focus is to provide personalized workouts for each client in order to improve your strength, cardiovascular health, agility, and endurance. Whether you want to get off that fitness plateau and lose that extra weight or prepare for a sporting event, we have something great to offer everyone.

  • Corporate Wellness and Seminars
    It's no big secret that improved health and well being for your employees translates into better outcomes for your business.   OPEX Delta can set up programs or run events to accommodate many educ...

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Our insights on health, fitness & lifestyle

  • 03 Aug

    Kale Zucchini Pan-Fry with Paige
    Yields: 4 Servings Total Prep & Cook Time:  10 minutes Ingredients Approximately 3-4 cups Fresh chopped Kale 1 Large Zucchini (chopped into bite size pieces) Garlic (chopped) Herb(s) of Choi...
  • 04 May

    Tuning into Truth
    The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias that quite simply makes us think that we are better at things then we actually are. Don’t believe me?  Next time you are out with a large group, ask those that believe they are the worst 50% of drivers in the group to stick up their hand.  Maybe you have really self aware friends, but I’m willing to bet that far less than 50% of them put their hand up.
  • 26 Mar

    What is OPEX?
    OPEX is how we deliver fitness to all of our clients. OPEX is customized fitness in a team environment. Every client has the full support of a coach off the floor, but they have the guidance of a c...

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